Overview of the Project

Establishing a Pulp and Paper mill in West Africa

The company Greenland Resources (GDR) was formed to build one of the most exiting projects ever to take place in West Africa. Greenland Resources are planning to build a Pulp and Paper 1,500,000 t/y mill based on the highest quality possible while doing this developing the Infrastructure and living conditions for all people in the area around the Pulp Mill. All people living in the Area shall benefit from the Pulp and Paper Mill.

GDR Pulp and Paper Mill will be a state-of-the-art factory. GDR has a waste contact net all over the world with the most qualified personnel to ensure it will lead to a successful project. Some of the key factors is controlling of the material, documentation, engineering as well as the money flow, superb planning while keeping schedule, cost and quality at all time. The company will start by doing the project in 2 different phases.

Phase OneBuild a Nursery for plantation,
totally 210,000 Ha of effective
land area is needed for the
Phase TwoBuild a Pulp and Paper Mill
1,500,000 tons/year.

The Pulp and Paper will need approximately 3,500 employees directly employed and 11,000 indirectly. This project will contribute with 1,5 billion USD/year for the country’s export. When the plant is running, we want to have one of the most modern Mill in the world and with highest quality. We will establish a mill that is environmentally friendly and work in a matter that the mill will be adopted buy the people living in the surroundings of the mill. The contribution to the area will be the key factor for a successful mill.

Management and Organization of Personnel

The people executing the job will be taken from all over the World and will be handpicked for this kind of work. GDR have a waste experience of these kind of projects, with more than 40 years in the business and a cluster with experts all over the world with experience of similar projects will be contracted.

GDR have been in contact with the main suppliers of these Pulp mills and they are backing up this project. During our experience of working in countries such as Indonesia, China, Brazil and many more countries, we are experts to execute Pulp Mills Project.